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My Top 10 Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies

Uncategorized May 10, 2022

(*some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I make millions in revenue. LOL.  Just kidding.  I do, however, earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase from one of the links.  This helps keep this blog up and running.  Thanks for being a part of it.)


Over the years I've tested many Bible journaling supplies to see which ones work best for journaling on thin Bible paper. I want to spare you the grief of inadvertently damaging your Bible like I have on occasion. I have also spent many hours shopping for just the right thing to express my creativity while recording the truths God was teaching me so I wouldn't forget. This collection will save you time and tears and I hope will help get you started creating your own treasure you'll come back to time and time again when your heart needs to be reminded of truth.

Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils

Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils are not to be confused with Crayola Twistable Crayons.  These colored pencils work great on Bible pages and blend well to create a myriad of beautiful colors when you layer them.  They come in packs of 12, 18, 24,30, & 50, so you never have to be without the color you want.  One of the biggest advantages of the Twistables is that you don't need a sharpener. You simply twist the end of the pencil which advances the lead.  I also tested many other brands of more expensive colored pencils, but for Bible paper, Crayola twistables is my preferred choice at a really great value.

Micron Pen

Micron pens are excellent for Bible journaling for two reasons. First, they don't bleed through Bible paper which is a major advantage, and secondly, they come in a wide variety of nib sizes. The nib is the tiny piece of felt at the end of the pen that you actually write with.  My favorite nib size is 005. A typical ball point pen writes with a line size of 1mm.  A fine pen writes with a line size of .5 - .7, and an ultra fine pen can write as small as .25.  The micron brand even makes a pen that can write with a line that measures .15 in width.  Thats super thin!  What I like about the 005 size is that you can write lots of text in the narrow margins of a traditional Bible without wide margins for journaling.  You can make intricate doodles along with handwritten notes and get by without needing to purchase a journaling Bible. They are a little more pricey than your traditional felt tipped markers, but in my opinion they are worth the investment.  *A word of caution. Handle those fine delicate tips with care and don't push too hard, they are as fine as a single horse hair and can break if you use a heavy hand. Also, don't write on top of paint because the tiny fibrous nib can easily become clogged, rendering the pen unusable.  If you treat this pen right it will last a really long time and serve you well.

Betckey Full Sheet Sticker Paper

If you have the 24 page mega pack listed below, you're going to want to have a pack of sticker paper on hand. This particular brand is my brand of choice because it is economical and has just the right amount of stickiness. It works well on Bible paper without damaging it. You can use it in both laser printers and inkjet printers. One downside is that it does not have a slit on the backside so sometimes it's tricky to get the backing off, but it's a minor inconvenience for the value it provides. 

Blank Business Cards

These little cards are great for making verse/prayer rings.  Some of the available cards are already punched with a hole in the corner and come with book rings that open and close so you can keep adding more cards.  The small size lets you create small entries with a verse or a prayer and add some stickers or doodles in less than 5 minutes.  This size is great for keeping on your nightstand so you can read through your collection of favorite verses first thing in the morning.

Colored Index Cards

These cards are a bit bigger than the business cards mentioned above.  These are great for writing out a group of verses and give you a little more room to express your creativity.  There are several packs already bound with a ring and a designed cover with tabs all ready to go. Or you can build your own as you go and create a treasure you can look back on.  The 24-page megapack below is a perfect pair for these cards as there are hundreds of clip art images specifically designed to embellish cards like these to make your Bible journaling quick and easy.

Printable Mega Pack

The printable mega pack is 24 pages of themed clip art with verse cards, doodles, prayer cards, words, images and tabs to jumpstart your Bible journaling even if you can't draw and even if you don't have a bunch of art supplies.  They can be printed as many times as you like so you'll never run out.  They are a must-have for the Bible journaler who is short on time.  This collection is grouped by themes so you can print out only the pages you need when you need it.  These are especially convenient when printed on the sticker paper pictured earlier in this blog.

Dual Tipped Fancy Line Pens

These are so fun! Each marker has a fine tipped pen on one end and a patterned roller on the other end. The pattern is very narrow so you can use it in the margins of a journaling Bible or a non-journaling Bible.  Use the patterned end to make frames around your handwriting, underline important words or phrases and add a little pop of color in small spaces. The colors coordinate nicely and the fine tipped pens make doodling extra fun.

Mini Decorative Vellum

This decorative paper is very thin and translucent making it great for layering in your Bible or external journal.  There is a wide variety of images from artwork to sheet music to flowers to old handwritten letters.  There are 400 different images in each collection.  There were approximately 50 images that were random things like vintage medication advertisements and old movie tickets that I wouldn't use in my Bible, but the value in the remaining designs still make this pack of paper worth the purchase in my opinion.  I especially like how thin the paper is so it can be layered in interesting ways.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is made from rice paper and is very thin. It comes in a wide array of different colors, designs and widths. There are many, many ways to use washi tape in Bible journaling.  In fact there are so many different things you can do with it that I created an entire "how-to" video about all the things inside Bible journaling Bootcamp. Be careful though, once you get started shopping for washi tape, it's hard to stop. There are so many fun designs to choose from! It's addicting. :)


Washi Photo Packs 

These sticker packs are made of photos printed on thin washi paper. Each pack is made up of images of the same color palette which makes them fun to group and layer.  As with the pack of vellum paper I mentioned earlier, there are a few images in these collections I wouldn't personally use in my Bible, but I still get my money's worth out of these fun stickers. Give them a try!



I hope this has your creative juices flowing and helps you build a stash of supplies that are ready to go when you are.  I'd love to see what you create!  Post your Bible journaling entries in our Everyday Faith Facebook Group.

Happy journaling!



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