3 Ways to Find Time for Jesus

3 tips for making time for Jesus

(Free Bible reading Plan available at the end)

Do you desperately want to have an intimate relationship with Jesus but you don’t know how to get there? Have you ever wondered why you are overwhelmed with the circumstances in your life while other people seem to authentically trust God?  Do you wish you could live like that? If you’re like me, you’re constantly bombarded with distractions and demands that can keep you from taking the time to read His Word and talk to Him in prayer.

Good news.  

It IS possible to live with purpose and confidence knowing that you are implementing a plan that leaves you feeling invigorated instead of overwhelmed.

In this post I’ve narrowed down a few steps that will help you find the time with God your heart is craving, but keep in mind that no formula will work for every person.  You have to find the plan that works for you personally. This one will get you started. You have to be willing to keep listening, keep following and keep being willing to act on what God says to you.

Before we get started with the list,  let me say that spending intentional time with Jesus is the most rewarding thing you’ll do all day.  The investment of time pays off over and over again because you’ll get back the reward of peace like none other, joy in the middle of pain, and wisdom about how to respond to the things that bombard you every day.  I know there’s a reason why you clicked on the title of this post and are taking the time to read it. I know that deep down inside you there’s a hunger to know God on a deeper level and to have an intimate relationship with Him.

Ok, now on to the 3 things. :)

1.  Determine WHY you want to spend time with God.

Pause and take a minute to reflect and ask yourself why it matters to you to have a healthy walk with the Lord. Is it because you are struggling and want to know how to handle a situation and you need wisdom?  Is it because you are overwhelmed with gratitude for all that God has done for you and you want to know Him more? Is it because you’ve gotten so busy that the stresses of life have left you needed a lifeline of hope you haven’t felt for a long time? What brought you here, searching for something? After you determine WHY you want to deepen your intimacy with God, you’ll be more motivated to put forth the effort and take the necessary steps to move in that direction. When you keep your reason for doing something at the forefront of your mind it will increase your willingness to make the necessary sacrifices to keep up the discipline of  spending regular time in God’s Word.

Just like with any relationship, intimacy is something that takes time to build.  

A good relationship doesn’t last very long if you don’t put time and effort into keeping it alive and growing.  The same is true about your relationship with God. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to do that as you have so many other things that clamor for your time and attention. If you want it bad enough, there are a couple of  simple changes you can make in your life to help you be consistent in your personal quiet time with God.

*Note:  Although these changes are simple, they are not easy.  You’ll have to make a conscious effort to get to where you want to go.  I highly recommend snagging an accountability partner who can help you stay on track. Friends that point you to Jesus are an incredible gift.

2. Prepare for it ahead of time.

If you have your quiet time in the morning, make preparations the night before. Make a conscious effort to put down your phone at least an hour before bed so your mind has time to unwind. You’ll sleep better and wake up knowing you have time with Jesus next on the agenda.

You don’t have to be especially good at Bible study to get a lot out of it. Just show up consistently and you’ll see growth in your life.  Sometimes you’ll show up in an utter mess. Sometimes you’ll show up tired and sad. Sometimes you’ll show up empty handed, but just keep showing up.

 It’s worth it.

The one thing we can never forget is that God has promised to meet us when we show up with expectant hearts.  He is so faithful and He is the fuel we need to build our lives on His truth. This relationship you build can be a minute by minute, day by day relationship that fills you up and spills out of you onto the people God brings into your life. Regularly ask Him to give you the desire to spend time in His Word.  Ask Him to make it come alive to you so it makes sense and changes the way you think, act and live.

3. Follow your PLAN.

How often do you sit down to have your quiet time and ask yourself “What should I read today?”  That happens to me a lot. When that happens I sometimes pray and ask God to show me what I need to know for that day and sometimes I just let the Bible fall open and start skimming.  God is always faithful in meeting me, but I don’t get distracted as easily if I plan ahead of time what I’m going to read each day and then follow that plan. To get you started, I’ve created a Bible reading plan that will get you started and keep you going long enough to get you into the habit. If that set up works good for you , you can pick a specific subject you want to study such as grace or the armor of God and look for a corresponding Bible reading plan on Pinterest.   There are lots of them available.

Download this plan HERE

I also like using reading plans from an app I have on my phone called YouVersion.  It’s a Bible reading app with plans on almost every subject. The cool thing is that you can invite a friend or two to be a part of the study with you.  At the end of each day’s reading is one question, “What is one thing God is saying to you today?” Whatever you type in that space is shared with the others in the group so you can all interact virtually and hold each other accountable.  If you’re not a reader, most of the Bible translations on the app have a speaker function and you can listen to the scripture being read aloud. I don’t recommend using the listening function as the sole source of your Bible reading because there’s something special about being able to slowly digest and reflect on verses that stick out to you.  When it’s being read aloud, you miss out on the ability to mull over a specific verse.

Even if I’m not using the app, I still like to keep track of the things I learn each day.  I don’t always get it done every day, but I like to journal a few lines in a notebook, or write some notes in the margin of my Bible so I can remember what God is teaching me.  I always date it too so I can look back on what God did over the years. If you’re new to Bible journaling, you can learn how to get started with your own journal in this post "5 Easy Steps to Start Bible Journaling". It’s important and rewarding to reflect on what God has done and remind your future self of the truths in God’s Word that are easy to forget when life gets hard.

Recap in a nutshell: Spending time with God is rewarding.  It's worth the effort. Start by reminding yourself why it's important, then prepare for your time away with God and follow your plan.  If you'd like to join a group of sisters to keep you motivated and inspired, please consider joining our Facebook group "Everyday Faith".



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