Rekindle your joy with Bible Journaling....even if you can't draw.

Get the Bible Journaling Idea Kit to:
  • Learn easy Bible journaling techniques even if you're not an artist.
  • Enjoy journaling prompts to help you know where to start each day in the Word
  • Grow your own library of printable tools.
  • Receive Bible journaling goodies including my unique photo Story Stickers™ as physical mail in your mailbox
  • Find the joy your heart craves. 🤗 ❤️

You'll love all the goodies!

This is what you'll support and community and fellowship and encouragement.......all the things! 🤗

The Bible Journaling Idea Kit is the ONLY membership of its kind that…


1. Starts at the beginning to teach you the basic skills you need to start creatively expressing yourself to God through Bible journaling.

2. Provides structure to help you form meaningful habits to develop a regular time with God.

3. Shows you how to make a visual connection with the truth God is teaching you so it becomes ingrained in your heart.

4. Mails physical product to your door so you'll have the tools you need to creatively express yourself even if you can't draw.


Isn't it time to move from regret to relief?

Maybe you're as discouraged as Sarah was with her quiet time habits.

When Sarah and I got together for coffee last week, I listened as she described the longing for a sense of purpose and a deeper relationship with God. With tears spilling across her cheeks she expressed the emptiness and discouragement she was facing. 

I keenly remember feeling the same emotions back in 2013 when I begged God to give me a desire to be in His Word.  I'm so grateful that He heard my cries that day and answered. 

A few months later God met me in a profound way and I discovered Bible journaling. 

The practice of keeping a record of my faith journey and having a place to remind myself of what God is doing in my life has significantly impacted my life. 

The joy in purpose that I feel now is an incredible gift to my heart.  It can be yours too.

While understanding and empathizing with Sarah's current ache in her heart, I also felt a glimmer of hope in knowing that she could experience the same joy in an intimate relationship with Jesus and find her sense of purpose in that relationship. 

There's a reason why you get derailed and have struggled with being consistent in your quiet time.  If you sometimes find yourself feeling empty and discouraged like Sarah explained, I'm excited that you're here considering a new path!

Like I told Sarah, it's vitally important to connect with a likeminded community who are on the same path going in the same direction as you.

It's critical to create a rhythm of relationship with God that creates a habit of regular intimacy with Him, which in turn instills HOPE.  A-h-h-h-h.  Sweet relief!

So how do we do that in the middle of the everydayness of life?

Setting goals are good, but forming habits are key to creating momentum.  Having structure and a plan will help you form habits that positively impact your life.

When you make an effort to invest in your relationship with God, you personally experience the joy that comes from doing everyday life face-to-face with Jesus.

Then you will radiate deep peace and authentic joy that will overflow into the lives of others!

So what's next?     

Being an Idea Kit member will give you essential tools to reclaim your joy.     

Take a closer look.

Are you ready to start your journey with Bible Journaling?


You're going to love the Bible Journaling Idea Kit!


Yes! I want in!

With your Idea Kit Membership you'll have access to:


Private Facebook Community

  • Connection to a community of like-minded sisters to encourage and support you is essential. Video tutorials and consistent inspiration guide you step-by-step on your journey to joy and deeper intimacy with God.

Doodling & Font practice sheets

  • Doodling helps us soak in, ponder, and remember God’s Word. You will receive a new doodle to practice for every weekday or a new font to practice. As you absorb them into your collection, you will always be equipped to doodle your way through your devotional time, and enrich your journey with God in new and creative ways. 

Journaling with Gina videos

  • Every month you will receive fresh ideas, instructional tips, and inspiration from me as I dig into God’s Word and bring it to life in videos you can watch at your convenience. I’ll share my personal pages, creations, thoughts, insights, and stories. Spurring each other along is priceless in this busy world. What better way to stay encouraged than from each other while we are on the same Bible journaling adventure. These videos are created specifically with you in mind and are exclusively for members.

Prayer Journal Pages

  • As an accompaniment to your personal journaling, this weekly Prayer Journal will provide a creative place to self-reflect on the times God has answered pray, keep track of the ways God is working in your life, and keep your prayer list at the forefront of your mind. Think of it as a unique God-tool, one that brings it all together and provides a way for you to review the ways He is working in your life each week. 

Bible Reading Plan

  • Every month, as we focus on a new theme in God’s Word, you will be gently and creatively guided along through a specific reading plan. Each weekday you'll have a verse on the list that will give you a starting point for your reading. The graphics in your printables will go along with the verses on the list to bring it all together.


  • 4 strips of custom designer tape
  • 4 tall narrow story stickers on which you can journal and then stick in your Bible
  • 2 sheets of EPIC paper, a thick specialty paper that's not available on the market. It is exclusively for Idea Kit members.
  • 4 small journaling cards
  • One surprise item that changes from month to month.
  • A handwritten letter from me to keep us connected.

Creating  space  for  time  in  the  Word  has  a  direct  impact  on  the  joy  and  rest  you  experience  in  the  presence  of  Jesus,  one  that  lingers  throughout  your  day.   I'll show you how.

Who exactly am I?

I'm Regina  (my friends know me as Gina) 

I'm a homeschooling mom of eight delightful kids ranging in age from 12 - 27, one amazing granddaughter and wife of 28 years to a wonderfully supportive husband.  We live on a farm in the middle of Amish country in Illinois.  There's never a dull moment in our house!  

My passions are spending time with my family, ministering to women in my community, and creating products that help and encourage women in their walk with the Lord.  

Through my own Bible journaling journey, my faith has been renewed and I now crave that intimate time with Him each day.  I find there are a thousand micro-moments throughout the day where the Sprit of God in me makes a difference in how I feel and respond to everyday life. 


If you are committed to spending quality time in God's Word to deepen your walk with Him but you're not exactly sure where to start, you're in the right place. 

After co-authoring the book Complete Guide to Bible Journaling, I was surprised to see how quickly it became a best-seller on Amazon.  It was then that I realized I wasn't alone in my desire to develop a deeper relationship with God through tangible expressions of creativity. 

Since then God has blessed me with a large online community of like-minded women who are also growing in their daily walk with the Lord.

As an alumni of Rosedale Bible College, I enjoy teaching women the treasure that can be found in the pages of God's Word.


My heart's desire is to help other women experience the same kind of joy and intimacy with Jesus as I do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What People Ask Before Joining the Bible Journaling Idea Kit

There are many different styles of Bible journaling including a form that doesn't require you to know how to draw.  The style of Bible journaling taught in the Bible Journaling Idea Kit membership uses simple doodles and creative handwriting plus washi tape, stickers, stamps and clip art so you don't need to know how to draw.

Yes! Story Stickers will be personally mailed to you each month! This is something that makes this membership so unique. You will receive a set of four (4) professionally manufactured Story Stickers, in your mailbox every month, along with other fun things you can use in your journaling. How cool is that? 

You can jump in right where you are. The Bible Journaling Idea Kit Membership is specifically designed for both the beginner and the experienced. It's great to either learn new skills or hone your journaling techniques. If you want support as you grow in your relationship with God, this membership is perfect for you.

You are free to spend as much time in the Word as you would like, and you should expect to invest 1-2 hours a week on the content provided in the membership as you are forming new habits. Let me warn you though, once you get started, and God's Word starts to come alive to you, sometimes it's hard to stop and get back to other tasks.  (The dishes can wait) 😉

As an Idea Kit member you will have access to the video library and additional assets that are part of your membership, such as cheat sheets, valuable Printables, and worksheets for 30 days, during which time you are free to download so you can keep them for a lifetime. On the 1st of each month, the past month's content will be replaced with new videos and other assets.

I encourage you to enroll in the Bible Journaling Idea Kit, watch a few short lessons, and make a few simple entries in your Bible or journal to see how it feels for one month.

 If you don't believe you're well on your way to creatively engaging in God's Word while feeling SO much more confident in your walk with the Lord, you can cancel at any time. Just email [email protected] and we'll send you instructions to make sure you get your membership and the recurring payments cancelled.

Due to the type of membership we offer, no refunds will be given for monthly memberships. 

The Bible Journaling Idea Kit is PERFECT for you if…

  1.   You're ready to try Bible Journaling but you’re hesitant to mark in your Bible because you’re afraid you might damage it. 
  2.   You want to learn the foundations of Bible journaling so you can grow in your walk with God.
  3.   You're willing to think outside the box and try something new in order to get the results you've been wanting to create.
  4.   You're committed to spending quality time in God’s Word, but struggle with consistency or creative ideas.
  5.   You want to experience a new sense of joy in your relationship with God.
  6.  You're aware that Bible journaling significantly impacts your relationship with God for the better, but you feel alone or stuck in the everyday journey. 
  7. You’re ready to form new habits and create space for the presence of Jesus in your daily life.

If you said “yes” to at least 2 of the above, I can’t wait to send you your first Bible Journaling Idea Kit.


When you join today, you will get exclusive access to:

  • Private Members-Only Facebook community with video tutorials, and inspirational step-by-step guidance.
  • 4 Bible journaling tutorial/devotional videos to help you soak in, ponder and remember God's Word. 
  • Monthly instructional tips and inspiration from me personally, as I bring God's Word to life through videos sharing my own pages, creations, thoughts, and stories.
  • Personal journal tracker to help you reflect on your journey with Jesus.
  • Bible reading plan with monthly themes to guide you into deeper intimacy with God.
  • An entire kit of Bible journaling supplies (shipped right to your door!) Woot woot!

When you add it all up, that’s a monthly value of $79.00

But when you join today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

Month-to-Month Automatic Payments

(Cancel Anytime)



Yes! I want in!

*Read refund guarantee HERE.

"WOW! I learned so much! This has made my Bible study so much deeper! I think about the words in Scripture more carefully! Thank you so much, Gina! "


"I appreciate that you made it doable for those of us who don’t always feel artistic.  You have inspired me to get back into the Word.  For a long time I was AFRAID to write in my Bible. Even afraid to UNDERLINE!! Then I realized that THAT was my connection to God and it helps me go back to where I needed to be again!!"

Richelle H.

"All these techniques and ideas that I thought were too hard and would be difficult for me to do, turned out to be easier than I thought!"

Janie C.

"Thank you so much...I’m getting started on a new road to Bible Journaling and learning to follow the voice of God."


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